Deposits are positively, non-negotiable, necessary, vital, unavoidable, more reliable than the gravitation constant, the literal prime directive of my booking procedure.

20% via Giftcard [prezzee, uber (in-store option), mastercard] or Bitcoin

[beemit and credit card coming soon]

Singapore + Saigon



(enquire for dates/rates)



Incall + *Outcall* (preferred)

(except Wednesdays)

All of Oz


by request,

with due notice and deposits

Black Flower Vase

Classic / Carnal...

                       ... my place or yours?

     --- overtures ---

$750/900     90 Minutes

$1000/1200   2 Hours

$1600/2000   Dinner Date ~ 4 hours

                   (outing + intimacy)

$250/300       per Additional Half Hour

     -- symphonics --

$2500/3000  Full Interlude ~ 5-7 Hours

                   (adventure + dining + intimacy)

$3000/3500   Overnight ~ 14 Hours

                   (with minimum 7 hours sleep)

$5000/6000    One Day ~ 24 Hours

                  (with sleep, outing, and meals)

Mine... Last minute requests may incur an additional fee.

Yours... Requires proof of name / address confirmation (preferably serviced apartment or hotel).

Classic v. Carnal details found here

Branch of Flowers


Couples: minimum 90 Minutes [+$250]

Doubles: yes, absolutely, under the stipulation that both of us are paid full and  equal rates, where neither of us discount or negotiate.

Wig: long, natural, high quality human hair strawberry blonde [+$100]

Wardrobe: Elaborate requests should be accompanied by sponsorship for procurement of items. General preferences are readily accommodated.

Photography: I am always happy to play the artsy documentarian of our date. If you would like a more explicit version, all content must be taken on my device and then securely shared back to you [+$200]

Above the Clouds

FMTY + Extended Requests

Shall we concoct an elongated interlude?

I am passport ready (though almost in need of additional pages! eep!), airport savvy, vax pass verified, pteromerhanophobia free.

Within Australia: minimum 4 hours

Across an Ocean: overnight minimum

Please prepare for advanced screening if we have not previously met, as well as a deposit of 50%. I prefer to book my own travel arrangements, with reimbursement paid alongside my fee. Seven hours uninterrupted sleep and a minimum of two hours solo-time per day are requisite.

Wedding Table Setup

Devilish Details

Rates are quoted in AUD and are subject to change at my discretion.

If either of us finds ourselves unwell or in need of rescheduling, please, speak up! I am generally happy put a deposit toward a future booking, given 48 hours notice; otherwise it is kept to cover incurred expenses and loss of time.

I book with any and all genders, body types, professions, fashion sense, disabilities, affluence, creed, religion, sexuality, astrological sign, and both Star Wars and Trek fans. I only ask for respect.

Screening is at my discretion, but may include: a valid photo ID, linkedin, business email confirmation, references, vaccination card.

Payment must be in cash, in an envelope (or book, bag, or similar) at the commencement of our time -- discretion, creativity, and generosity are noticed and appreciated.




Thanks for submitting!