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Milk and Flower Bath


Shall we share narratives? Weave chapters into each other's lives? Pursue mutual character development as we write the pages of what's to come?


Let me be the first to offer a few opening lines from an unfolding novella...

I've tumbled into Australia's capital territory, art-hearted, STEM-headed, still dizzy from a decade of international whirlwind travel as a freelance creative and general vagabond. Fueled by fancy-pants coffees and garden-grown produce, I'm exploring domesticity rituals and academic ambitions with voracious curiosity.

Alas, my addiction to aesthetics and carnal pleasures has proven unremitting. So here I am, just a girl, standing, nay, towering in front of a stranger, asking them to adore her.

Is this where I paint a pristine and lustful portrait of myself? Well, yes, I am long of limb and torso, just shy of six feet, and I've retained a disciplined posture from pre-professional ballet training. My curves and muscles ebb and flow with the natural needs of seasons and moods, but rest assured that hips and thighs and breasts and tummy and ankles and fingertips are all properly toned and nourished to suitably seductive standards. Modelling, dancing, writing, a brush with acting; I've a versatile body, face, and mind and savor the opportunity to explore the possible.

So let's steal a golden moment (or ten), be they glittering or rugged, lavish or subtle, exhilarating or tender, and see where our dreams might lead.

If this humble draft from my diary piqued your curiosity,

won't you divulge a page from yours?


at a glance...

5'11"   |    1.80m

142lb   |      62kg

35/26/39  |  89/63/100

6/8 [aus] -- medium small -- 32D

Shoe: 9 / 41

Skin: Creamy

Hair: Chocolate

Staunchly Bisexual

No tattoos or enhancements

Starfleet in the Streets; Bajoran Resistance in the Sheets

Born and raised in California; Residing in Canberra

Bachelors + Masters (in progress)

Twitter Dork: @caris_cooper


a matter of taste...

Leisurely Degustation

(San Francisco foodie by birthright)


(formal studies include: sciences, film, writing, yoga, coding, the human condition)


(hot springs in nature, bubbling baths, classic onsens, tropical waves, each other's secrets)

All Asian Flavours

(Japanese, Cantonese, Vietnamese, palates, arts, sights, gallivants)


(preference for unique, locally designed pieces)


Flowers and Flora

(especially lilies and their 'false' friends: amaryllis, nymphaea, calla, -of the valley)

The Unexpected...

The Ocean

(diving, splashing, boating, the scent, the sight)

Coffees and Teas

(drinks and leaves and beans)

Art, Theater, Music, Dance

(Klimt, Degas, Andrew Lloyd Weber, Stravinsky, Debussy, Diaghilev, Alvin Ailey, Alonzo King...)

Morning Trysts

(and subsequent cuddles and giggles)

Spa Pampering

(bedside foot rubs or elite establishments)


(artisan paper and pens and notebooks)


(Lord of the Rings, [all] Trek, anime, Skyrim, climate justice, always looking to learn and share a new geeky passions...)




Thanks for submitting!

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