Milk and Flower Bath

Caris Cooper
Daydream Connoisseur


"All that is gold does not glitter,

not all those who wander are lost..."

... but I certainly am, and I don't know about you, but I could use a little company on this absurd journey called life.

I've tumbled into Australia's capital territory, art-hearted, STEM-headed, still dizzy from a decade of international whirlwind travel as a freelance creative and general vagabond. Fueled by fancy-pants coffees and garden-grown produce, I'm exploring domesticity rituals and academic ambitions with voracious curiosity.

Alas, my addiction to aesthetic and carnal pleasures has proven unremitting. So here I am, just a girl, standing (towering) on a webpage, asking a stranger to adore her.

Is this the part where I paint a pristine and lustful portrait of myself? Well, yes, I am long of limb and torso, just shy of six feet, and I've retained a disciplined posture from pre-professional ballet training that emphasises my height and stateliness. My curves and muscles ebb and flow with the natural needs of seasons and moods, but rest assured that hips and thighs and breasts and tummy and ankles are all properly toned and nourished to suitable seductive standards. Modelling, dancing, writing, a brush with acting; I've a versatile body, face, and mind and savor the opportunity to explore the possible.

So let's steal a golden moment (or ten), be they glittering or rugged, lavish or subtle, exhilarating or soothing, and let's see where our daydreams might take us.



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Deposits are positively, non-negotiable, necessary, vital, unavoidable, more reliable than the gravitation constant, the literal prime directive of my booking procedure.


Rates are quoted in AUD.

If either of us finds ourselves unwell or in need of a rescheduling, please, speak up! I am generally happy to refund a deposit prior to 48 hours before our rendezvous. If something last minute occurs, I can also put the deposit toward a future booking.

Right of Withdrawal: If at anytime I feel my safety threatened, the session will be terminated and no refunds offered.

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