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Caris Cooper


"All that is gold does not glitter,

not all those who wander are lost..."

... but I certainly am, and I don't know about you, but I could use a little company on this absurd journey called life.

So let me take your hand, and we can slip into each other's fantasies; perhaps take in a show --- an opera dressed to the nines or cartoons in our pj's --- before retiring to revel in a private spectacular that's scandalous and sensual, culminating in sweet glorious fireworks.


I offer a tall pour of wild elegance: the poise of a trained ballet dancer, long drawn limbs, storybook curves, a deep sincerity in the eye, and an untameable smile all eager to melt under your gaze, in your arms, between the sheets. Whether you're a steadfast globetrotter or dedicated hometown hero, let's steal a whirlwind romance, catch a breath between the hustle and bustle of the day to day, only to skip heartbeats and soak in each other's most feral fancies...

I'll divulge mine if you divulge yours?


A Glance at the Particulars...


on twitter for daily mayhem, relentless flirtations, and heaps of photos

preferred -- I am frequently overseas, so email is most reliable

+61 448 303 412

(sms, whatsapp, signal, telegram; calls will not be answered)

Canberra Based, California Borne, Passport Equipped

Age 30-something // Slim--Toned--Curved in Fluctuating Proportion // 180cm // 61kg // D cup // Dress 8 // Shoe 41 // Bisexual //   

All Natural // Brown eyes // Shaggy Bob, Brunette Hair


... more robust details are waiting on my bookings page




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